The Urban Design Studio will be 12 weeks long (March to May 2018). It will apply, test and refine the tools developed in Part 1 on three sites in Queenstown, Singapore towards an urban design project of significant size. The objective of AS-UD 2 Urban Design Studio is to develop the urban design sensibilities and skills to achieve mastery in urban design. Participants of Part 1, by now experts in CityEngine, will meet project planners and conservation architects that contribute expert knowledge. Together, three groups of four participants will develop parametric components in CityEngine for a layered structure plan. On the technical side, the emphasis will be in resolving the interfaces between parametric design components in CityEngine and their combination into a comprehensive parametric urban design project for Singapore. On the design part, the emphasis will be defining the urban issues, developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of site, history, social context and climatic conditions and formulating robust urban design strategies and proposals. The format of Part 2 will be an urban design studio with frequent pin-ups and midterm reviews.

A typical course day is structured as experimental studio focussing on design exploration, production and communication in class. Participants work in groups on three sites in Queenstown in Singapore. Participants will apply, test and refine the tools developed in the pre-Urban Design Studio. CityEngine will be used as a analytic tool, to develop parametric massing studies and as early visualisation tool for alternative scenarios. Participants will work towards a layered structure plan and negotiate the interface between these layers developed as parametric design components. A CityEngine workshop will take place in week 7 with Prof. Dr. Simon Schubiger. This workshop of three half days will focus on further developing the CityEngine components. A total of three mid-term reviews of two hours each will assure steady progress of the studio.